Thursday, 6 March 2014

Time to change up training

First day back from Carnival did 30.37 minutes on the exercise bike on level 1 15.05km 342 cals curned. Walked the dog for 30 minutes and did 50 crunches

I have decided that I am going to change the type of training that I am doing to see if I get better results.

I have decided to swap going to the gym and walking the dog for a simple bodyweight circuit.

I remembered that when I was at uni I read a book about the training methods of Allan Wells the sprinter. He never did weights but instead did a body weight circuit o 10 sets of 100 reps. He also did

I am a long way from doing 10 sets of 100 of any exercise at the moment! I tried doing 100 crunches this morning and only managed 50!!!

I have decided that I will start off doing 10 sets of 20 reps as I can do 20 reps of everything except which I can do 100 now and chin ups which I can´t do 2 at the moment. I will then slowly build up to doing 10x100 of all exercises.

The exercises are below:

Jump squats1020
Press ups1020
Back Extensions1020
Calf Raises1020
Pull ups10max

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