Saturday, 23 November 2013

good news

Found out this week that my knee ligament on the inside of the knee is only lightly torn. Should be about 6 weeks until I can get back to playing basketball. I start physio next week. The pain in the knee is lessening every day so hopefully I will be back ssoner rather than later.

I bought a hand bike last week and a situp machine as well that should be here monday or tuesday so i can start exercising without stressing my knee at all. I have also cleared out the garage to start working out once the equipment arrives. I have put on 6kgs over the last week and a half as i havent been able to exercise at all.

Friday, 15 November 2013

New Road Block

Hit a new road block this week! Was playing basketball this week and manged to slip and wreck my knee (probably ligament damage) and dislocate my thumb!!!!!!

I am looking into training that I can do while I am out of action. Looking on the internet if I have damaged te ligaments it could be at least 6 months before I can play basketball again so I am planning for the worst.

I am seeing the doctor next week so I find out more then.

While I am waiting I have been looking on the net ande found a mini exercise bike / hand bike that I am going to buy to see if I can use this once my thumb is better. I am also walking as much as possable on my crutches to get as much of an upperbody workout as possable.

I am going to plan an upper body only training program to try and keep the weight off.