Saturday, 9 February 2013


As it is Carnival this week in Brasil we have been given all of next week off instead of Monday and Tuesday only. I have decided to make the most of the extended break and try and get back on track with my fitness program.

I have decided to do a week long boot-camp with 2 a day training sessions to try and shift some of my excess weight to try and make it easier to keep loosing weight once I get back to work.

In the mornings I am going to do my aerobic workout which will consist of 1 hour on the exercise bike followed by an hour walking the dog as she is getting fat as well where I have not been able to walk with her for the last 6 months. This will be followed by 30 minutes of stretching.

In the afternoon I am planning to do a further 30 minutes on the exercise bike followed by a bodyweight exercise circuit working incorporating body toning exercises like squats and pushups with plyometric exercises like jump squats and rim tips incorporated to work on improving my 2 footed jumping ability to try and limit the amount of strain that I put on by weak ankle while playing basketball. This will be followed by making 300 shots on my outside basketball hoop and then another 30 minutes of stretching.

I am planning to do this from Monday - Friday next week then after that I plan to keep going with 4 days of cycling and walking the dog and stretching (Mon, tues, thur and fri) in the mornings and doing the afternoon/ evening training 3 times a week (mon, wed, fri) if I am able to.

If the afternoon/evening sessions prove too difficult to fit in (or I am too lazy to do them after working) I will think about changing the morning training to Monday Wednesday and Friday mornings doing the aerobic training and Tuesday and Thursdays doing the jump training.

To start the training off on a good footing I have just finished doing 30.37km on the exercise bike on level 2 in 1 hour.

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