Monday, 14 October 2013

4 Months to go!!

Things have finally calmed down a bit at work so I can start training again.

I basically have not done any exercise for the last 3-4 months so to say I am off track of my goal of being fit by 41 is a bit if an understatement.

The good thing to being pretty much sedentry for 3-4 months is that my ankle is feeling much better than it has for a few years!

Also I have manged to loose a couple of kgs just by not eating a lot at night and making a consious effort to walk more during the day (the fact that I now work in a hospital that is spread over 10000m2 helps too).

I played basketball against the local University team last week and I was surprised how easy it was. I can run again and my lateral movement has retured.

I have decided to go back to training with the Uni team twice a week again so I decided to get back training to try and loose more weight to get back to my training weight of 70-75kg. I am currently at about 85kgs so I have a little way to go.

I have decided not to plan too far in front as my work schedule usually gets in the way. Instead of planning months in front I have decided to plan and set goals on a more flexable weekly basis.

For example my goals for this week are:

Walk with the dog for 30 minutes in the morning before work (did this this morning).
Play Basketball 3 times this week (2 times at the uni and once on the weekend).
Exercise bike and stretch Every night for 30 minutes each.

I will see how this goes and then adjust from there.

The problem I have is that the clocks go back at the weekend so I will be getting up at 5am not 6am until my body adjusts.

The advantage of the time changing is that it will get dark later so the country club will be open later at night so I can start playing basketball outside on the nights that I am not training at the Uni so will see how it goes.

For this week I will stick to my goals and then create new ones next weekend.

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